Installing Svelte Cloudinary

To install Svelte Cloudinary, you can use your favorite package manager including npm, pnpm or yarn:


Next, you need to setup the environment variable. Insert the following variable into your .env.local or .env file:

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Using Svelte Cloudinary

Check out our comprehensive guides on how to use the Svelte Cloudinary library. Whether you’re rendering images, generating social media cards, or looking to leverage our built-in upload UI, we’ve got you covered:

  • CldImage: Optimize and transform images including dynamic cropping and resizing and background removal.
  • CldOgImage: Create and add dynamically generated, custom Social Media cards to your site.
  • CldUploadButton: Drop in a button that allows your visitors to upload files.
  • CldUploadWidget: Gain full control of how you build your UI for uploading files.
  • CldVideoPlayer: Add videos with optimization and transformations using the Cloudinary Video Player.

Or use the helper methods to generate URLs:

  • getCldImageUrl: Create an optimized Cloudinary URL with whatever trasnformations using the same API as CldImage.
  • getCldOgImageUrl: Generate a custom social media card URL with the same API as CldOgImage.

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